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How is our logo/motif incorporated onto the tie?

There are two types of motif tie, woven and printed. In a woven tie your design is first converted into a unique ‘jacquard’ card, which then controls the weaving process. Your motif is woven into the cloth from which the ties are made ‘Foulard' printed products are produced by dying the design using screens into fabric, which is then made into ties or ladies scarves.


Silk Ties or Polyester?

Polyester is popular because it looks good, handles well and being easily washable it is ideal for everyday use. Silk ties carry a certain "prestige" and are perfect for special occasions, commemoratives and when only the best will do. Silk ties are also recommmended when your deslgn carries a fine level of detail.


How many neck ties or ladies scarves do I need to order?

The minimum is 50 ties/100 scarves. There are sizable discounts for larger quantities which are more economical.


How much do ties and scarves cost?

Whilst this is the most asked question it is the most difficult to answer without some idea the quality and quantity required. Contact us to obtain prices by email or freephone 0800 066 4808 to talk to one of our sales staff.


What is the lead time?

From receipt of the order, we aim to submit a sample to you in 2-3 weeks. From approval of the sample by you bulk Opening Hours delivery is usually 3-4 weeks. Express delivery can be organised in certain circumstances. Contact us if you require a quicker turnaround than standard.

Can I have more than one motif?

Yes.  You can have one motif in the underknot position and a difierent motif off-set at the base of the tie. On all-over designs it is possible to have alternating rows of different motifs.


Do I get help in designing my ideal tie or scarf?

You know your organisation better than we do so yours would be the important input. We will work closely with you providing computengenerated scale coloured artwork and any other design help necessary to help finalise your design. You provide the logo‘ colour scheme and design brief then our in-house design team will send up to 3 tree design ideas for your approval along with your quote. To speed up the design process a high resolution version of your logo is very helpful - click here for information on supplying your own artwork to us.


Will I see a sample tie or scarf?

Yes. When you approve your design, we then make a pre-production sample to show the actual colours, details achieved and texture of the fabric. Thls will take approximately 3-4 weeks.


Can you provide any optional extras for my product?

Yes. You can add a custom rear label displaying your company, organization or school name to your product for an additional fee. Custom rear linings are also available to any necktie for orders of 300 or more. Price will vary depending on quantity and design. Packaging and Options are also available for ties, bow ties and scarves.


Can you copy an existing design?

Yes. If you have an existing tie and are 100% happy with the design but simply require an exact copy please post your tie to our head office along with a completed copy existing design form. Your original tie will be returned to you when the design process is complete.


Can I have my tie converted to a clip on tie?

Yes If you have an existing stock of ties requiring conversion we can convert them to clip on for you. We can also convert any tie on our website or any individual tie you may have to a clip on tie. Conversion takes approximately 3 days (minus shipping time). Contact us to arrange conversion of your ties.


Can I have my own material made into a wedding cravat?

Yes. Contact us and we can advise on quantity and quality of material to submit to us. The next step would be to complete and send a submit your own material form along with your fabric to our head office.


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