Why do honour caps make a perfect gift

Maybe you have won something special or been elected to high office and would like a personal memento of the event. Or perhaps you would like to acknowledge the achievement of a relative, friend, colleague or fellow club member.

If you would like a personalised cap without the hassle have a look at the just personalised range from Honour caps.

Honours Caps are traditionally used to preserve a memory, as an heirloom or to reward loyalty or sporting achievement. They are an unique sporting gift for many fans.

History of Honour Caps

A form of cap was worn in places of higher learning since at least the 15th century in Italy to denote distinction in academic achievement. Over the years in many parts of Europe the regular wearing of a form of ‘cap’ simply denoted a person studying at university, until in due course it became only part of the graduation ceremony itself. The term ‘cap’ has been retained, and is now universal and applied to all sports, although with a few exceptions, actual caps are not usually given anymore.

At McDade we can supply whatever type of honours cap you require in full size velvet fabric luxuriously finished with gold or silver wire braid. Using our high quality embroidery service, unique simple 3 step design service and easy ordering process we can reproduce a product you will treasure for years to come.

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