What tie colours say about you

When you grab a tie off the rail do you pay much attention to the colour or simply make your selection based on the colour of the shirt that you are wearing? Most folks do the same, they carefully co-ordinate their shirt and tie colours without thinking about what the tie has to say. Colours have meaning though and you can show your personality simply by wearing a certain tie. Here’s our colour guide to ties, do any of the following ring true with you?

  • Blue: This is one the most calming colours, wear a blue tie and people tend to trust you more. It’s also associated with intelligence so if you have a job interview at attend and want people to be impressed, pick a blue tie to match with your shirt.
  • Green: Another calming colour that reflects a very balanced individual and a great team player. Green is a symbol of growth and rebirth, plus it’s related to money as well.  If you want to achieve success at work wear a green tie and reap the rewards.
  • Red: The ultimate attention-seeking tie. Red projects energy, it’s a symbol of strength and power, wear red and stop people in their tracks. It’s also an aggressive colour so it’s best to avoid a red tie if you are having a showdown meeting with your boss at work.
  • Yellow: Wacky and outgoing. This is happy colour, it’s perfect for creative people but you need to be confident to pull off wearing a yellow tie at work. Still, it’ll brighten up your office and it could put a smile on the face of your colleagues and put them in a good mood!
  • Grey: Dull, lifeless and uninspiring. It’s the safe bet that says you can’t make up your mind or lack imagination. It might look okay with a pink shirt to brighten the mood but ideally it’s best avoided if you don’t want people thinking you are dull as ditch water.
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