What not to wear for an interview as a lady

You have one shot to nail it at an interview so the last thing you want to do is blow your chances by wearing the wrong outfit on the day. We covered the basics of what gents should wear for an interview in our last blog at McDade so we thought we’d look at it from the lady’s perspective in our next article.

Here are the top five turn-offs for employers when they are interviewing female applicants.

  1. Huge shoulder pads – Choose smart business suit for the interview, a matching skirt and jacket combo looks good, along with a stylish blouse. Wear a sensible dress if you prefer just avoid large padded jackets with massive shoulder pads, you’ll look like a CEO from the 1980s, this isn’t Dynasty it’s a job interview so tone down the jacket and don’t try to be too over the top.
  2. Short skirts – Save the skimpy skirts for when you are out at the weekend, mid-length skirts or dresses create a better impression even if you only wear them for work.
  3. Plunging necklines – Keep your neckline covered, a plunging neckline creates a bad first impression and it could make the interview panel feel uncomfortable. Button up, the only thing you want to show the interview panel is how friendly, smart and clever you are, there are better ways to show off your assets.
  4. Garish jewellery – Cut back on the bling when you go for an interview. A tasteful necklace is fine, so are a couple of rings, don’t wear dangly jewellery though, this isn’t an audition for a modelling role.
  5. Casual shoes – Don’t spoil the rest of your interview outfit by wearing the wrong type of footwear.  Sure, you might be comfier in trainers but smart office shoes will create the best impression, opt for something with a mid-heel and you’ll really look the part.
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