Unique ways to tie a scarf

A funky scarf can brighten up the blandest outfit but how do you tie this type of accessory without tying yourself up in knots? If you love the look of scarves but can’t seem to find the best method to show off your scarf in style read this blog for a few scarf tying tips.  

  1. Try a half bow: To create a half bow just tie the scarf like you would the first part of a shoe lace, and make a loop like you would for one side of the bow. Then get the longer section of scarf and wrap it in front then behind the scarf close to your neck. Give the loop a quick fluff and you’re good to go with this chic way to tie a scarf.
  2. Give a slip-knot a go: This is one of the easiest ways to create a good impression with a scarf. Just double up the scarf, wrap it around the back of your neck and slip both ends of the scarf through the loop. It takes seconds to create this look and it’s a good method if you’re pushed for time and need to be heading out of the door.
  3. Do a double knot: Another easy way to wear a scarf. Simply take your scarf and tie a knot in each side at equal lengths. You can wear the scarf draping down your coat just make sure it’s a colourful item or pick a popular print.
  4. Create the Ascot slip knot: Use this variation on the standard slip-knot to create a ruffled look. Tie a normal slip-knot then take one end of the scarf and wrap it around and back into the loop. This fluffs the knot up and creates a padded look around your neck whilst keeping you toasty warm.
  5. Practice a knotted loop: Get the ends of the scarf and tie them together before placing them over your head. Adjust the scarf so the knot is in the position you prefer and you have a simple but fun way to wear your neck accessory.
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