Top 3 Stunning Knot Ties

Did you know that there are 177147 ways to tie a tie? Considering this impressive number we though that a top with the most stunning ones is a must. In this way, you can make sure you will look your best without spending days on trying all the 177147 ways.

1. First on our list is the Eldredge Knot, invented by Jeffrey Eldredge– a 27 years old Systems Administrator. Even though it has a high difficulty, this knot has become famous in a very short time due to it’s unique look. It’s definitely a ice-breaker at weddings, parties, or even work. The video below is a step-by-step guide in creating one:

2. Next on our top is the Trinity Knot. This exotic way to tie a necktie is much easier than the Eldredge knot. We don’t recommend wearing this knot at a formal event as it might seem intimidating at first glance therefore distract from important subjects of conversation. To find out how to tie it watch the video below:

3. Last but not least is the Merovingian Knot. It wears the name of the antagonist of the films The Matrix as he was wearing it in The Matrix 2. It is probably one of the most difficult knot to tie but beauty requires sacrifice. This is a fun and catchy looking knot so it can be easily worn at a dinner or a party. It must be worn under a vest, blazer or coat as the necktie will end up short.

What other knot would you have liked to see in our top? Let us know in the comment section.

Whatever knot you choose, here at McDade we have a tie for all. Have a look:

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