Top 3 Luxurious Materials for Neckties

Top 3 luxurious materials for neckties The Christmas gift season has already started and if in the last article we gave you 3 ideas for corporate gifts, today we will give you some tips on choosing the best materials for a high-quality necktie.

Cashmere Tie

Cashmere is obtained from the Cashmere goat’s hair and has a fine, strong, light, and soft texture making it a luxury fibre. A cashmere necktie can be worn for day to day at work as well as on special occasions and fits well with dark or light suits and its perfect for winter wear.


Silk ties

The history of silk began ever since the 27th century BC and it is considered to be the mark of a classy man. This material can be worn in any season and at any event. No other material will be as smooth as silk.

One drawback would be that silk can wrinkle easily, so we recommended rolling for storage any ties made out of this material.

Silk Ties

Satin ties

Originally, during the Middle Ages, satin was made of silk; consequently it was very expensive, used only by the upper classes and it became famous in Europe during the twelfth century. Nowadays it can be made out of polyester as well and it can be a perfect accessory to a smart suit giving a luxurious and powerful look. The only con to this material is that it is very sensible and can have a short wearable life.

These are our top 3 materials for a luxurious looking necktie. Choose one of them and you won’t fail in looking stylish at any event.

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