Top 3 Bespoke Corporate Workwear for Under £10

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic holiday and that 2015 will bring all you wished for.

The holiday season is an expensive one and most companies have a limited budget afterwards. That’s why we thought that a blog post with corporate workwear you can buy at McDade for under £10 would be helpful.

1. Bespoke scarves

Available in a choice of 100% silk or 100% polyester, our custom scarves can be created in a choice of weaves to give you the finish you’re looking for. From flat twill as standard, to chiffon, crepe, plain or satin weaves at your request, organisations from across the UK turn to McDade’s for high-quality corporate scarves that can enhance any uniform or brand identity. Prices starting at £3.40.


2. Club Ties

Being a member of a club gives you a sense of belonging. Your club’s crest represents the identity, values and traditions upheld by the club and its members, so it’s only natural that you’d want to display the club crest with pride on your very own set of custom club ties.

Here at McDade we have over 60 years’ experience of working closely with a wide variety of different clubs in order to produce high quality bespoke club ties or design your own with our 3D Tie Creator. Prices starting at £2.95.

3. Neckwarmers

Neckwarmers have evolved from traditional snoods, namely garments worn around the neck and the back of the head. Today they have evolved into tubular neck protectors, they’re popular with skiers, motorbike riders even footballers have worn them in the past and anyone that suffers with cold around the neck region will find comfort wearing this type of accessory.

This is our top 3 but we have plenty of other workwear items you can purchase for under £10. See them here.

To order your product or request a quote, please contact us.


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