Tie disasters you have to avoid!

Guys new to ties often ask us, what’s best way to wear a tie? We’re always happy to give tie tips at McDade so for the benefit of anyone who plans on wearing a tie, try to steer clear of these mistakes if you can.

Not tying the tie properly – There’s a bit of an art to tying a tie, we gave a few tips on how to tie a tie in one of our previously blogs, check it out if you are new to wearing ties. Mistakes to avoid when tying a tie are tying the neckwear too short, making the tie too long, or getting the knot wrong so it doesn’t fill the gap in the collar.

Wearing unsuitable ties – Our ties are designed for customers with taste, sadly there are a number of ‘novelty’ ties on the market that are supposed to be fun, a little bit wacky but can be downright weird! Would you turn up to a job interview wearing a ‘Christmas pudding’ tie or attend a funeral with a floral print tie proudly flapping in the wind? Think about the occasion before you choose a tie, you could stand out for all the wrong reasons if you make a bad choice.

Clashing ties with shirts – Checks with spots and stripes with swirls are going to clash. Part of the process of getting it right with a tie selection is carefully mixing and matching tie and shirt colours. Again, we have covered the subject of ‘how to match a tie to a shirt’ in a previous blog so have a read if you are struggling in this area.

Wearing a tatty tie – Never wear a dirty, stained or grubby tie, it’s one of the worst errors you can make. If the tie looks wrinkled, old or has a stain on it, replace it with a new tie from the McDade range!

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