The function of product packaging

Packaging is just one of the many services we provide at McDade, send a tie or a scarf as a gift and by carefully choosing the box or the wrapping you’ll create the perfect impression.

Have you stopped to consider the importance of packaging though?

It’s more than a box, this container symbolises something, let’s explore the true implications of packaging in this latest article.

Packaging protects goods

Place a tie in a bespoke box and you have instantly created a barrier which protects the product from the outside world. There’s no danger of the tie becoming soiled or sullied when it’s protected inside a box, the packaging stops the tie from getting tarnished.

It’s a good marketing tool

Use packaging for promotional purposes if you handing out ties as corporate gifts. Boxes are the ideal containers to cover in branding, advertise your business and place the company logo on the lid. Or simply use boxes to display products in an appealing manner, clever packaging entices customers to buy goods.

It prevents tampering

Some forms of packaging are equipped with specialist seals that show if goods have been tampered with.  Packaging is often used as a security device or it can simply be put to good use for display purposes to make products stand out.

It looks appealing

Don’t you think a present looks better when it has been gift wrapped or it comes in special types of packaging? Hand somebody a silk tie proudly presented in plush packaging and they’ll be delighted with the gift.

Make no mistake about it, packaging is important, no matter what type of product it contains. Our packaging and gift options are perfect for all the items we sell at McDade, if you want to make somebody’s day this year buy them a product from our range and don’t forget to order posh packaging at the same time!

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