The benefits of neckwarmers

Regular visitors to the McDade website will be familiar with our range of products by now, we sell ties, scarves and badges, stock workwear and honours caps plus we also provide a quality selection of neckwarmers as well, check them out in our aptly named ‘neckwarmer’ section.

Those new to the concept of neck warming garments might wonder what all the fuss is about so let us enlighten you and enhance your knowledge about the real benefits of good looking neck accessories.

What are neckwarmers?

Before we examine the benefits of neckwarmers let us explain a little about the garments so you know what you are dealing with. Neckwarmers have evolved from traditional snoods, namely garments worn around the neck and the back of the head. Today they have evolved into tubular neck protectors, they’re popular with skiers, motorbike riders, footballers have worn them in the past and anyone that suffers with cold around the neck region will find comfort wearing this type of accessory.

Neckwarmer benefits

  1. They’re soft and comfortable – The first thing you notice about neckwarmers is how soft and comfortable they are. Slip them over your head and they provide instant comfort, you’re well wrapped up and protected from the elements.
  2. They’re snuggly and warm – It only takes a matter of minutes to feel the benefits of neckwarmers. Not only are they super snuggly they’re ever so warm, your neck will be toasty as soon as your warmer gets to work.
  3. They’re good for neck complaints – If you suffer from cold around the neck during wintry weather try wearing a neckwarmer and feel the difference this year. Keep chills at bay and your neck wonderfully warm, place it under wraps and let your neckwarmer relieve the problem.
  4. You can choose a variety of stock products – You have tons of choice when you are buying a neckwarmer, take your pick from our collection of stock and find a colour and design that works well with your wardrobe.

Or design your own!

If you don’t see anything you like from our stock collection at McDade why not design your own neckwarmer with your choice of colour, text and logo?

This is another advantage of neckwarmers, you don’t have to go with the flow, create your own and really stand out from the crowd!

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