Silk tie care advice

Silk ties feel fabulous. Fasten a shiny silk tie around your neck and not only do you look the part, you feel the part too.

With a little care it’s easy to keep a tie in perfect condition, try this advice and look after your neckwear.

  1. Untie the tie – When you have finished wearing the tie make sure you unfasten it. Don’t be tempted to loosen it off and pull it over your head. Unfasten the tie properly to avoid wrinkles becoming embedded in the material.
  2. Hang it up –Once you have taken the tie off hang it up inside your wardrobe. Let the tie drape over a hanger and this should help creases to drop out.
  3. Roll it up – Another way you can store silk ties is to loosely roll them up and pop them inside a drawer. Under no circumstances fold the tie, this just creates new crinkles. A loose roll is all that’s required to store the tie and keep it looking good.
  4. Avoid ironing the tie – Hot irons and silk ties are the worst of enemies, they’re a match made in hell. Avoid ironing a silk tie if at all possible. If you notice a few wrinkles in the material leave the tie hanging in the bathroom when you take a hot shower, the steam should help to remove the worst of the crinkles.   
  5. Washing ties – Extreme care should be taken when you wash a silk tie. Only use cold water with very mild soap and leave the tie to dry naturally afterwards to avoid damaging the neckwear in any way.
  6. Packing silk ties – From time to time you might have to pack a tie inside a suitcase if you are travelling on business. To prevent the tie becoming crumpled roll the tie up and pop it inside the pocket on your suit jacket, then, when you get to your hotel room unpack it and hang it up.

Caring for silk ties is simple, look after your silky neckwear and it’ll look gorgeous for years to come.

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