Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is being celebrated in the UK since 1950 and this year it will take place on the 15th of March. There is nothing that can truly show a mother the love and gratitude we carry but these are our gift ideas to celebrate the wonderful woman who has given you so much:


Brooches– accessories appreciated by any women at any age, brooches can play a functional role while being distinctive and elegant to wear.


Earrings– the history of earrings goes back 7000 years, and today, more than ever, they are among those jewelry items that a woman simply cannot go without. You can’t go wrong with offering your mother a pair of earrings.


Celtic pendants– have been worn over the centuries as a talisman or ornament therefore they are a classy gift to offer.


 Tartan Scarves– are always a great and appreciated gift idea. It will show your mother that you care and you are proud of your heritage.



We hope that our suggestions made your search for a perfect gift for you mother easier. If you choose any of them, please let us know what your mother though about it.

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  1. Alex London says:

    I have to remember two days, my Mum lives in the UK and my step Mum lives in the US, so my second Mother’s day is coming up in the next few weeks. Thanks for these suggestions, those tartan scarves look perfect!

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