Little Known Ways to Tie a Necktie

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, there are 177147 ways to tie a necktie. From so many variants, many are unknown so we wanted to offer you a top 3 most interesting and least known ones.

1. First on our list is the Tulip Knot. As the name suggests, this is a tulip shaped necktie knot and it is both casual and celebratory, meant to catch people’s attention. Wearing it on a striped necktie is not recommended as it will get severely distorted. A plain color necktie is a good choice.

2. Another little known way to tie a necktie is the Van Wijk knot. This is a very unique knot and it was invented by artist Lisa van Wijk as a way to create the tallest wearable knot possible. It is suitable for any occasion.

3. Last but not least (let’s not forget there are another 177144 knots) is the Cape knot Cape knot and by wearing it, you can definitely show off your skills in tying a tie. Solid colour neckties work the best with this knot and it is suitable for parties. Also, it goes well with a tie clip.

Enjoy trying out these new knots and if you have in mind any other little knows ways to tie a necktie please share it in the comment section.


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One Response to Little Known Ways to Tie a Necktie

  1. Alex London says:

    The Tulip knot looks very cool! I’m afraid I am limited to the full and half windsor knots. I attempted the four-in-hand knot once but it looked a real mess. I’ll give these a go and see how they look.

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