How to Save Money on Staff Uniform

workwearHaving uniforms for your company is very important for the branding, staff safety and for keeping a professional image.

Providing uniforms to your employees can be a financial effort and if you don’t want to spend money each year on renewing them we would recommend the following:

1. Replace one item at a time

Instead of looking at the entire staff uniform, consider replacing part of it. Since you last purchased shirts for your staff, for example, there might be new style, colours or materials in stock that will give them a modern look.

2. Invest from the beginning on a high quality material

Doing some research into fabrics may help you choose one that holds the colour better or one that will be durable for longer, which can definitely save you money overtime.

3. Hire a Seamstress

If the uniforms don’t have major faults, you can easily ask for the help of a seamstress to fix them. A simple stitch can save you money.

4. Train staff to take care of the uniform

Remember staff once in a while that the uniforms are your image. If they don’t take care of it by washing it and ask for a replacement in time not only your pocket will suffer but also your image.

Taking time to think about the many possibilities available for changing up staff uniforms can result in a lot of money saved. Of course, if your uniforms are showing their age, then no amount of new embellishment will make them look new again. The idea is to decide whether or not your existing uniforms would benefit from new additions or whether they should be replaced entirely.


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