How to match a tie to a shirt

Are you one of the many thousands of gents that struggles matching shirts and ties? Buy pre-packed shirts that come with ties because you haven’t got a clue when it comes to pairing the two items together? Follow this article for simple but informative advice about how to acquaint a tie with a shirt.

  • Stick with plain combinations: If you are struggling to choose a tie and shirt combo it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. That means looking for a plain shirt and a plain tie just to make life easier. Pick a plain shirt for the background and look for a slightly darker tie to compliment the look. Wear a pale pink tie for example and you can funk up the look a little with a dark blue tie as a clever colour combination.
  • Use similar colours: Another way to pair up ties and shirts fairly easily is to use similar colours to avoid any type of clash. You could dress in a pale blue shirt and wear a dark blue tie to co-ordinate the look. Don’t pick the exact same colour for the shirt and the tie though, the tie will become lost into the background.
  • Pick a white shirt: This is your failsafe. Neutral shirts are easier to match with ties and you can’t really go wrong with white. It might feel like a bit of a copout but a crisp white shirt complete with a coloured tie always look smart, especially if you are wearing an expensive suit. The good thing about white shirts is they really show off your tie and you can be as bold as you like. White give you the opportunity to play around with patterned ties and really experiment with your tie choice.
  • Ask your partner for advice. If you are still struggling to make a decision get a second opinion, two heads are better than one. Pick out a shirt and tie and see what your partner thinks, they’ll either love or hate the look.
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