How to feel comfortable wearing a tie

Need to dress up for a job interview, special celebration or formal event but haven’t worn a tie in a while?

It’s going to feel a little strange at first but stick with it, you’ll soon adjust and after a while you’ll hardly notice the tie is there.

Just to help you out though, we’ve thought of a few tips at McDade to make you feel less flustered in your tie.

Tip one  

Pick the right tie –The best way to feel comfortable when you wear a tie is to match your tie to your shirt and suit, this way you’ll feel ‘coordinated’ and won’t feel out of place.

Carefully synchronise your shirt with your tie, make it a match and that’s one less thing to worry about.  If you’re struggling, read our blog on how to match a tie to a shirt.

Tip two

Practice tying the tie – There’s nothing worse than a badly tied tie. Shoddy tying makes your tie stand out. If your tie stands out you’ll feel awkward and draw attention to yourself.

Learn how to tie a Windsor knott, we give you tips in our ‘how to tie a tie’ blog.

Tip three

Get the length right – Okay, this is important if you want to feel comfortable wearing a tie. Tie it too long and it doesn’t look good, tie it too short and it has a comedic effect.

Aim to get the tie length perfect. The top of the belt buckle is a good position to aim for, hit this spot and you’ve got the length just right!

Tip four

Wear a little loose if it helps – If you are wearing a tie for a party there’s nothing wrong with loosening the knott a little if this makes you feel more comfortable. Obviously, you don’t want to wear a loose-fitting tie for a job interview or for a formal occasion but you can take a more relaxed attitude to tie wearing if the setting fits.

See how other guys are wearing their ties. If they take a relaxed attitude why not slacken yours off a bit?

Hope these tips make you feel a little more comfortable the next time you tie a tie. If you need something new, feel free to browse our catalogue at your leisure.

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