How to dress appropriately for an interview as a guy

There’s a lot to consider when you are going for a job interview, a little background research on the company you have applied to wouldn’t go amiss and you might want to brush up on modern interrogation techniques as well, things can get a little scary in the interview room. One way to feel confident when you walk through the door is to dress smart, this way you should feel good about yourself. Jeans are out and flip-flops are a no-no, we advise wearing the following items if you want to make it to the second phase.

  • Smart suit – A smart business suit should be the basis of your outfit, nothing too formal, nothing too trendy, wear something that fits well, looks sharp and makes you look and feel good. You don’t want to appear boring with a bland suit but you don’t want to make an exhibition of yourself with something garish either, choose something that looks good in a corporate environment, navy blue suits look good for interviews, greys and charcoals are popular too.
  • Crisp shirt – Next choose a freshly laundered shirt, pressed and ready to go. Think about the colour of your suit when you are choosing the shirt. Clean white shirts are good options to choose, they mix well with most suit colours, or pale blue shirts are another option you could choose.
  • Tasteful tie – Choose your interview tie with care. The colour of the tie says a lot about you as a person, pick the wrong colour and the interview might be over before it begins, read our info graphic on what your ties says about you if you need help in this area, or simply look for inspiration in our current tie collection.
  • Shiny shoes – Black leather shoes create a good impression, as long as they are polished and have a good shine you can’t go wrong. Never attend an interview with scuffed or scratched shoes, it makes you look lazy and it shows you don’t take pride in your appearance, this isn’t the type of impression you want to make.
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