How to buy a tie for a guy

Could you go out and pick your guy a tie without feeling flustered? It’s harder than you think to buy a tie, especially if your guy is a little bit picky about what he wears. Still, that should make it more of a challenge and if you use our tie buying guide, you could really impress your chap this year.

Think about the occasion – Before you go any further consider why you are buying your guy a tie. Is this tie for a wedding you are attending together, will it be worn for a job interview, when is the neckwear most likely to be worn? Consider the occasion and it should make it easier to pick the perfect tie.

What shirt and suit will they wear it with? Once you know why you are buying the tie you can try to figure out the shirt and suit they’ll be wearing it with. Without telling them how to dress (unless they need help in that department!) you can make this slightly easier by picking out a shirt that coordinates with the tie at the same time. Take a peek at their suit collection when your fella is out one day, pick a trouser and jacket combo and try to imagine what coloured shirt and tie would look good with it.

Take a look at their other ties – One way to gauge a guy’s taste in ties is to take a look at their existing neckwear collection. This should give you a feel for the colours and the textures of ties they prefer to wear. If their current ensemble of ties is mainly made up of polyester products would they really appreciate it if you bought a silk tie?

Will the colour suit them? You know what looks good on your guy and the types of colours they normally avoid, is there a killer tie colour that brings out the best in their eyes? If so, go with that option and you can’t go wrong!

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