Honourcaps.com launch

We are proud to announce our new Honours Cap website is now live. It is the world’s first e-commerce Honour Cap platform.

The site includes an interactive 3D Cap Designing tool that allows design storage. Once designed sharing is simple, click to email or send a link. Your design can also download as a PDF ready to print or share.

If you have a club badge or logo uploading is easy. Most file types can upload and display on your masterpiece. With over 3000 colour and cap options you can design something for every occasion.

Design your Honours Cap, Graduation Cap, Presentation Cap or Achievement Momento.

The custom products can post to most countries, we even post to Timbuktu!

In the shop you will find our Presentation Cap range along with a range of accessories. If you would like to display your cap in a frame you will receive it mounted with text if required.

We have also introduced a stunning range of Baggy and English Cricket Caps. These are available as templates on the 3D Cap Designer.

We cater for individual purchases and bulk orders from clubs and businesses. Visit www.honourcaps.com and let us know what you think.

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