Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Your father has spoiled you all your childhood. Now that you’re on your own feet, you can make up for all the sacrifices he made for you. Start with small things; thank him for his financial effort made to put you in college, for being there for you whenever you needed advice. Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity, so make sure you choose a gift that will make him smile.

Gift for Dads age 50 – this is the age at which they can do whatever they want, they have more time for their dreams and hobbies. Surprise your father with tickets to their favourite team or band and you will see him rejuvenated. And if you still want to make him look younger give him some fashion accessories that would highlight the style.

Gift for Dad at age 60 – Near retirement age, dads are becoming just as sentimental as mothers, so that you can think of a symbolic gift, maybe personalised. Click here for some ideas.

Gifts based on his personality

Cool Dad

Do you have a father with whom you play for hours on the computer, to the dismay of the mother? It means that you have a cool dad who deserves to be rewarded with some modern gifts. As he is probably a technology fan, you can think of an iPad, an iPhone or an Mp3 player that can make the journey to work more pleasant. If you father is always fashionable and chic he will surely appreciate a box of watches. Click here for some ideas.

Business Dad

Is the first thing that comes to mind when you think at your dad: him in the morning leaving for office with a suit and briefcase? It is clear that your father is a businessman whose work issues monopolise too much of his time and to whom only business presents will be useful. Such a gift, to be admired by those who collaborate, but to remind him that they have to spend even more time with family is a desk clock that you can engrave. What to engrave? You can engrave his name, age, birth date or a soul message, such as “For the best dad”. Click here for some ideas.

Want to contribute to the good image of your father? Offer him a business card holder to impress all the professionals he is coming in contact with.

Travelling Dad

Do you have hundreds of memories of holidays organized by your father? Even if now you’re grown up and your holiday plans no longer intersect, you can offer your father a customised gift. Engrave his name or a message on a compass and he will think of you fondly every time he will use it in his expeditions. Or offer him a monocle that will help him see the details of the landscape which normally escapes the eye. Practical objects that relate to hobbies are an excellent gift for father’s day.

A very Happy Father’s Day to you father!

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