Birthday gift ideas for the guy in your life

Bet it doesn’t feel like 12 months ago when you had to pick a present for the man in your life.

Guess what?

It’s that time again but we want to make it a little easier for you this year at McDade, we’ve got a few suggestions for you to look at from our jewellery collection, buy your guy one of these items and he’ll be putty in your hands!

  • Fashion cufflinks: Come on now, which self-respecting gent doesn’t own at least one pair of decent cufflinks? If your chap is lacking in this department take a look at the quality selection of fashion cufflinks we have in stock, we have aqua and clear crystals, stripes on rectangles, swirls on ovals and we also sell novelty cufflinks like the quirky iPhone set which are perfect for a guy that’s never off his mobile.
  • Money clip: You know a guy has made it in life when they use a money clip. We sell different styles of money clips for the millionaire in your life, hand one to your fella and he’ll have the ideal place to stash all the notes he’s going to be spending on you later!
  • Tie bars: A tie bar is a stylish accessory that adds a little bling to neckwear. Again, the McDade website is packed with quality tie bars in a range of designs, there are themes to suit all tastes so it shouldn’t take you long to find the ideal tie bar for your guy.
  • Kilt pin: You have to admit it, your guy looks great in a kilt so what better present could you possibly hand to him than a beautiful kilt pin. He can wear his clans colours with pride and you’ll be proud to be stood with him, pick a pin that looks canny with his kilt.

Browse our site for more inspiration if you like, make this the best birthday ever for your gorgeous guy!

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