About Tartan and Tartan Ties

“The origin of tartan was probably first one of association with a region. Early travellers tell us that a person’s place of origin could be told from his tartan rather than his name. This stood to reason since in early times most people did not use family names. Therefore, the concept of ‘district’ tartans is older than that of clans. Today individuals should take pride in the district tartans associated with their family or alternatively an area of Scotland they have visited and enjoyed.” J. Telfer Dunbar

Our huge collection of tartan ties has quickly become the standard for anyone looking to find their family colours – and we follow the established Reiver tartan conventions, offering both ancient and modern tartans crafted from high quality wool in the Scottish Borders.

Our selection of tartan ties now stands at 468 unique tartans from both Scotland and Ireland, enabling you to proudly display your heritage at any formal or informal gathering. Our 100% wool ties offer exceptional durability which makes them the perfect choice for everyday wear and include some of the oldest recorded tartans as well as specially designed tartans for organisations such as Amnesty International. While not many of us can afford our own commissioned tartan, for those of us with ties to original clans, displaying our tartan is still one of the most important aspects of any formal attire.

Whatever your tartan clan is you can probably find a tie from our extensive list and order online now through our secure shopping process.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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