9 unwritten rules of wearing a suit

Every man should know the difference between an ill fitting suit, and one that makes you look swish. Some go for the cheapest option and end up looking like they’re wearing a bin bag, others spend a little more and choose something that fits.

But it isn’t always easy picking out the perfect suit. To help you better understand what works, we’ve put together a list of 9 unwritten rules of wearing a suit.

  1. Your tie width should match that of the lapel. This makes the suit appear more balanced to the eye. Here at McDade we have a range of ties all varying in size and material. You’ll find one right for you suit here.
  2. If you’re going to for a pocket square make sure it doesn’t match your tie in fabric or pattern. Remember, your pocket square is your creative flare, have fun with it.
  3. You belt should always match the colour of your shoes and it should be thin. Otherwise it’ll just look weird.
  4. You must remember, certain colours of shoes don’t match with certain colours of suits. Brown shoes won’t go with a black suit.
  5. Always unbutton your suit jacket before sitting down. Otherwise you’re running the risk of ruining it!
  6. Go for the Windsor knot on your tie, but choose between a full Windsor and a half Windsor depending on your head size. If you have a big head, go for the full knot. If you’re head is a little on the small size, the half Windsor will do.
  7. Your sleeve cuffs should be exposed around half an inch. Show some white at the end of your sleeves. If you can’t see any either your suit is too large or you shirt too small.
  8. Always wear long socks with your suit. Otherwise your legs could be on show when you sit down. Not cool.
  9. Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt. So choose your colour wisely.
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