6 Creative Exercises for Busy People

6 creative exercises for busy people

”To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”- Gene Tunney

Whether you work 9 to 5 or you have a chaotic work programme, physical exercises are a must. Not only they will keep you fit and healthy but they will help boost your creativity and reduce stress. But what to do when we don’t have time for this? We get creative.

1. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. This exercise helps build muscle mass and it burns calories.

2. Use software on your computer or apps that remind you to take a break. And on each of the breaks do at least one stretch or a jump- this will give you a energy boost. Here for 5 free apps to help remind you take a break: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/five-apps/five-free-apps-to-help-remind-you-to-take-a-break/

3. When unloading groceries from your car, carry one bag at a time into the house.

4. When relaxing, replace watching TV with a hobby such as gardening. This will help you move and relax at the same time.

5. Take your business partner or a colleague to a squash game. This is one of the best sports as it uses all your body muscles and it’s a lot of fun. Instead of going for a coffee and chat you can use this time to have fun while getting healthier.

6. Cycle to work. Cities are becoming more and more cycle friendly so take advantage of this opportunity to cycle to work instead of taking your car or bus.

No matter of the sport practiced, try to be as comfortable of possible. Our sportswear items http://www.mpwuk.com/active-wear/sportswear.html will help towards achieving that.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay productive!

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  1. Alex London says:

    I can definitely recommend taking the stairs. I started a year ago and it’s mad quite a difference. I take the stairs everywhere, at first it was a bit of a pain but I stuck with it and it’s a really easy change to make to help keep you active.

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