5 ways to improve the look of security personnel

Static or mobile security services protect property and people and a good security presence helps to maintain the smooth running of a site. The image of security officers has greatly improved over the years and today you’ll find personnel that are better trained, better presented and more professional in their approach to work. We supply a range of products to the security sector ranging from ties to safety boots. We know how important it is for security personnel to look smart at all times and recommend the following ideas if you want to improve the look of your staff.

Crisp white shirt: A clean, freshly ironed shirt creates the perfect image, it shows you take pride in your appearance. Adhere to a strict dress code when you employ security personnel and a long or short sleeved cotton shirt should be one of the first items of workwear you provide them with.  

Epaulettes: A good way to create a professional image and promote your security company at the same time is to ask staff to wear epaulettes on their shirts or jumpers. They’re handy features to use as accessories on shirts and popular within the security industry.

Clip on ties: Security ties are safer to wear, if personnel find themselves in difficult situations and somebody makes a grab for their tie it’ll release from the shirt without strangling the wearer. They look smart, always have a permanent knot and we tailor them to suit the personal preferences of the customer. Read here about the benefits of wearing a clip on tie.

Safety shoes or boots: Sturdy footwear is essential if you spend most of your day on your feet and stout boots or shoes keep your toes warm, dry and well protected when you are patrolling premises. Pick padded collars, steel toe-caps, underfoot protection and make sure the shoes or the boots are made from leather so you can polish them and give them a great shine.

Personal hygiene: Good standards of grooming are essential if you want to create a professional image within the security industry. Stress the importance of personal hygiene to team members, ask them to be clean shaven, smelling fresh and smartly presented at all times, make them accountable for their own appearance and provide them with quality work gear to wear with pride.

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