5 Ideas for an original Wedding

If you aspire towards a wedding taken from a film, and if you wish for your big day to be a success, here are some ideas that will help you achieve this:

1. Order a stamp with your name and the one of your future husband and apply it on napkins, menus, cards indicating the tables’ layout or anywhere you think is appropriate. This will give a personal note to your wedding.

2. Rooms’ colours – do not just opt in ​​for a single colour to decorate the room. Choosing, for example, white, red and gold, will help you reduce from the excess items that you would otherwise use to invigorate the place. Take into account the colours that are already used in the restaurant.

3. Even though the bride will always be in the centre of attention, you cannot neglect the groom either. Buying a Rouche Wedding Ties will give him a perfect blend of uniqueness and style. We have it available in 8 different colours.

4. Make a raffle and involve your guests. They can receive a ticket after dancing with the groom or the bride or after fulfilling a task chosen by you. As a prize you can offer jewellery for women or a bespoke tie for men.

5. If you have children among the guests, create a special table for them so they won’t get bored so fast. Remember to include some toys as well.

Hope these ideas will help you toward having a dream wedding!

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