5 famous bow tie wearers

How many times do you get to a wear bow tie?

Bet it’s not that often.

This is a shame because we really love bow ties at McDade.

In our opinion they’re often undervalued and should be worn more often.

Our bow tie range includes options for ladies and gents, try sporting a bow tie for a change and you could look like any of the following famous faces.

  1. Winston Churchill: Okay you might not want to have the looks of Winston Churchill but you wouldn’t mind having the leadership qualities of this feisty figure. Winston was the bedrock of Britain during WWII, his ‘V’ for victory finger salute is legendary and he often sported a spotty bow tie.

Looking for leadership qualities?

Wear a bow tie. Take a leaf out of Winston’s book.

  1. Charlie Chaplin: One of the most iconic film stars of the silent era. Charles Chapin was a genius, a forerunner in the film industry, he played a clown on the screen but was super-smart off camera and he famously wore bow ties whether he was filming or not.
  2. Marlene Dietrich: Famed for breaking taboos about female sexuality Marlene proved how good you could look wearing a bow tie. She was a beacon for feminine bow-tie-wearing and we’ve got plenty of quality examples in stock if you ladies want to follow her lead this year.
  3. Hercule Poirot: Agatha Christie’s infamous Belgian detective was famed for wearing sharp suits and the obligatory bow tie. He was a super-sleuth, sharp as a tack and never failed to solve the mystery, plus he was always impeccably dressed.
  4. James Bond:  The name’s Bond, James Bond and I look the business in a bow tie. 007 is the ultimate secret agent, he’s good-looking, suave and sophisticated, especially when we wears his trademark dinner suit and sports a fashionable bow tie.

You see, bow ties are sexy.

Why not give one a try?


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