4 Best Knot Ties for an Interview

An interview- that scary moment that makes the difference between being employed or unemployed. That’s why understanding what to wear is important for your success.

At a formal job interview, one of the things you want to project is confidence. Wearing appropriate attire in job interviews can demonstrate that you understand the nature of the business and you are familiar with the dress code in that field, thus increase your chance of getting the job.

How to wear your tie

The tie is a standard component of men’s job interview attire. That’s the reason why you need to pay attention to what tie you choose and more important what tie knot.

Here are 4 types of tie knots we recommend for an interview:

The Windsor Knot– a thick, wide and triangular tie knot that projects confidence

The Half Windsor Knot– a simpler version of the Windsor knot is a symmetrical and triangular tie knot that you can use with any shirt

The Pratt Knot– a medium-sized, symmetrical knot appropriate for most shirt collars. A must-know for every men

The Cross Knot– perfect for shirts with narrow collars

Following our advice you can be sure that you will not fail when it comes to the tie, but don’t forget to pay attention to the other elements of your appearance: suit, shirt, belt, shoes, socks, briefcase, hair, fingernails and cologne. Best of luck!


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