4 basic tips for wearing a suit in the summer


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We all know how difficult it is to wear a suit at over 20° C. Women can wear a dress, but it can be hard for men to keep themselves looking fresh in a suit after a walk in the heat.

What can you do?

1. Wear a suit made out of natural fabric

Twist wools, fresco, linen and cotton are a perfect fabric choice for summer. This allows your body to breathe as well as to cool down.

2. Wear suits in light colours

It is known that dark colours absorb more heat from the sun so try wearing a suit in a light colour (green, brown, and burgundy are surprisingly stylish). You will also have the chance to try out a new look.

3. Keep some extra shirts at your office

Having some extra shirts you can rely on can offer you peace of mind in case you need a clean one.a shirts at your office

4. Go for sneakers and bow ties

If you have a more relaxed dress code at your office, why not use the opportunity to wear your suit with a comfortable pair of sneakers. To add a plus of style choose a matching bow tie. You love the idea, don’t you?

Follow these tips for a stylish and comfortable summer! If you have more suggestions we would be happy to hear them.

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