3 Ideas for Corporate Gifts

Finding one perfect Christmas gift can be stressful but the stress doubles when you have to choose a gift for tens, hundreds or even thousands of people- a gift that says either ‘’Thank you for collaborating this year with us’’ or ‘’Thank you for being part of our corporate family’’.

Here at McDade we offer a selection of personalised corporate items and we chose for you 3 items that can make a great corporate gift:

1. Tartan Lambswool Scarves are both an affordable and a personal gift. Making a small research into your client/employee/boss heritage would be without doubt much appreciated.

2. Money Clips are a great way to celebrate the financial gains of the past year. With 5 different designs available they are, in our opinion, an inspired gift.

3. Plain Coloured Ties or Plain Coloured Scarves – as one of the leading names for scarves and ties in the UK we are able to offer custom printing, enabling you to include your company logo to provide a very affordable branding solution for your team members. We also carry ties and clip-on ties too in the same colours for a complete match across your entire workforce.

We hope that our suggestions helped. Also, don’t forget to compliment your gifts with a beautiful packaging. Happy Shopping!

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